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Popular for Beach Parties, children’s Parties, Picknicks, this beach venue right here in Gauteng is a man-made beach area that reminds of a tropical destination somewhere in Tahiti, Hawaii or the Cayman Islands. The Tahiti Volcano Braai Area allows for Self-Braai with a chef and waiters to attend to the side dishes, table settings, and whatever may be required to spoil your day or enhance your event. If you do not want to self-braai, our Chef can braai for you or you may purchase fast foods like Hamburgers/Hotdogs and Chips at the Beach Kitchen located in the Volcano Area. Operating as a “Private Resort” you can book your entrance ticket by phoning Charlotte at cellular number 082-6936810. (Booking are essential) There is an Island Style Tiki Bar at the Venue and the Tiki Bar is offering a full Bar Menu. (Please note that liquor is not allowed onto the premises as it will breach our licence conditions and strict action will be taken against offenders of our rules.

The Tahiti Beach Venue/Area/Resort  is open 7 days a week from 10h00 until 17h00 (Please book and pay by clicking here)

Wednesday and Friday and Saturday happy hours between 17h00 and 19h00.  (When no private events are booked) – Entrance to the happy hours are free but booking is essential to secure entrance.

Included in the Package

Meat/Dishes2 4
Vegetables1 6
Starch1 2
Salads1 2
Dessert1 2
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